OEM Pressure sensor

The type 400 pressure transmitter, with its  proven ceramic lever technology, has  adjusted temperature compensated sensor  signals and is available with a voltage output. The (VDC) voltage output is an amplified, linear  signal suitable for direct processing in electronic control systems. The sensors are ideal for continuous level measurement in washing machines, dishwashers etc.

Products Specification

Medium : Liquids and gases

Pressure range : 0 … 10 — 100 mbar

Output : ratiom. 10 … 70%

Accuracy : < 0.3% fs

Electrical connection : Connector RAST 2.5

Pressure connection : Hose connector Ø 6.2 mm


  • Robust construction, sensor element has no contact with media
  • Fully automated manufacture, including in-line adjustment of zero point and full scale value
  • Special snap mounting bracket for easy single handed mounting in sheet steel of varying thicknesses
  • Special design developed for large scale manufacture at an attractive price


Connector RAST 2.5 with cable 30 cm : 111668

Connector RAST 2.5 with cable 110 cm : 101817

Connector RAST 2.5 with cable 150 cm : 112282

Calibration certificate : 104551


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