Temperature Probes


Thermocouple Probes with Connection Head

A1 temperature sensor, Type J thermocouple, connection head probe, grounded, 300mm insertion length, 6.35mm probe diameter, stainless steel sheath, aluminum screw cover head with terminals.


  • All temperature sensors are custom made standard item
  • Probe
    – Type J or K thermocouple elements to meet many temperature sensing applications
    – Ø3.2& 6.35mm diameter, 316 SS or Inconel Alloy 600 sealed sheath to protect against harsh environments
    – Magnesium Oxide (MgO) insulation provides vibrationdampening and protection against thermal shock
    – Bendable to adapt to installation requirements
    – 150mm , 300mm or 450mm probe length
  • Connection Head
    – Cast aluminum IP67 screw cover head with captive gasket
    – One turn cover removal & installation eliminates cross threading and saves time
    – ½”BSP conduit opening with internal stop to prevent overtightening and installation damage
    – Gripping ribs on cover edge
    – with cover chain
  • Wiring
    – Ceramic terminal block
    – Brass terminals with screws eliminate the need to wrap connections around screws
  • Others
    – Required others type of thermocouple, specification & temperature range can be custom made upon request.


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