Temperature Probes


RTD Probes with Lead Wire Transition

A1 temperature sensor, Pt100 RTD, lead wire transition probe, 300mm insertion length, 6.35mm probe diameter, stainless steel sheath, 2 meters 24 AWG wire leads.


  • All temperature sensors are custom made standard item
    -100 ohm platinum RTD 3-wire element.
    -Class A accuracy.
    -Ø 6.35mm diameter, 316 SS stainless steel sheath to protect against harsh environments.
    -RTD element encased in Magnesium Oxide (MgO) powder insulation provides excellent vibration dampening and heat transfer.
    -150mm, 300mm or 450mm probe length.
    – Heavy duty lead wire transition with relief spring.
    – 2 meters lead wire with fiberglass insulation and stainless steel overbraid.
  • Other
    -Required others type of RTD sensors, specification & temperature range can be custom made upon request.


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