Differential Pressure Gauge

  • They can measure system pressure of fan, blower, filter, furnace draft and orifice plates. And they can also measure pressures in various clean room, bio-safety cabinet, clean bench, industrial cleaner, medical equipment, air sampler, pharmaceutical and grain & food machine, etc.
  • 63 models available for different ranges and units for various applications
  • With simple and frictionless movement, it quickly indicates air or gas pressure, either positive, negative or differential
  • The design resists shock, vibration and over pressures
  • Ultra-thin design: the flushed part is only 38.5mm, and the overall thickness is only 52.2mm
  • Patented state of art wave shape decorative front cover
  • Standard accuracy up to 2% and high accuracy up to 1%FS
  • Optional mirror scale overlay eliminating parallax reading error and brushed 304 SS or chrome plated bezel
  • A2000 (use trademark MAGHELIX) has very fine parts and assembly procedures to ensure extraordinary accuracy, stable and reliable for long term application. Each one have a Test Report for multiple points and precision packing. While B2000 (use trademark MAGHEGAGE) have simplified assembly and testing procedures without the report

Products Specification

Service: Air and non-combustible compatible gases

Housing: Die cast aluminum case and bezel, with PC cover

Protection: IP67

Accuracy: ±2%FS (±3% on 125Pa, ±4% on 60Pa) @21°C

Pressure Limits: -70 to 100 KPa

Size: 101.5mm (4″) diameter dial face, 115.5 mm (4-9/16”) dia. opening for flush mount

Temperature Limits: -7 to 60°C (20 to 140°F)

Connections: 1/8″ NPT female high and low pressure taps, duplicated, one pair side and one pair back

Weight: 440g

Mounting method: Flush or surface in vertical position

Standard accessory: Model A-S10, including two 1/8”NPT pipe plugs, two1/8” NPT to 3/16” rubber tubing adapters and three flush mounting adapters with screws

Other Accessories: sold separately, see Accessories

Approval: RoHS (A2000)


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