wire position sensor

  • Flight and crash test applications
  • 360° 2-Axis mounting·potentiometer output

Product Specifications

Specifications Accuracy
Full stroke ranges 0.5, 1M,2M
Output signal voltage divider (Potentiometer)
Accuracy ±0.25% full stroke
Repeatability ±0.02% full stroke
Measuring cable φ0.45 stainless steel
Power supply 5V, 10V (Max.24V)
Resistance range 100Ω ~ 100㏀
Min.practical independent linearity ±0.15%,<300Ω , ±0.075%, ≥300Ω
Dielectric strength 1,000V rms
Min.insulation resistance 1000㏁
Maximum noise 100Ω
Max. end voltage 0.25% of input voltage


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