Load cell

  • Easy installation with hole in center.
  • Designed for use in civil engineering measurement, these loads on tunnel supports and soil pressure on protective Walls to aid control in construction projects.

Product Specifications

Specifications Accuracy
Rated capacity(R.C) 500kgf, 1tf, 2tf, 3tf, 5tf, 10tf, 20tf, 50tf, 100tf, 200tf, 300tf
Rated output(R.O) 1mV/V±0.4%
Nonlinearity 1% of R.O.
Hysteresis 1% of R.O.
Repeatability 0.2% of R.O.
Zero balance ±2% of R.O.
Temperature effect, on rated output 0.05% of LOAD/10℃
Temperature effect, on zero balance 0.1% of R.O./10℃
Temperature range, compensated -10~60℃
Temperature range, safe -20~80℃
Terminal resistance input 700 ±50Ω
Terminal resistance output 700 ±2Ω
Insulation resistance bridge/case 2000MΩ
Excitation recommended 10V
Safe overload 150% R.C
Cable length Φ7mm 4core, 3m


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