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Industrial Grade Online pH / ORP Controller

eYc DPME01 industrial grade online pH / ORP controller is a brand new pH / ORP controller. This is highly intelligent and flexible. It can measure pH / ORP and temperature at the same time and take continuous measurements.

Products Specification

Measuring range pH:0 … 14 pH
ORP:-1999 … +1999 mV
Temp.:0 … 99°C
Resolution ratio pH:0.01 pH
ORP:1 mV
Accuracy pH:0.01 pH±1 digit
ORP:0.1%±1 digit
Temp.:0.1°C±1 digit
Instrument size 96x96x132 (HxWxD)(mm)
Cut-size 92.5×92.5 (HxW)(mm)

Products Features

  • IP65;Installation:Panel mounting
  • English and Chinese operation interface, simple operation
  • AC 220 V and DC 24 V power input
  • Two 4 … 20 mA outputs correspond to the pH / ORP setting and temperature
  • Two sets of relays, high and low switching at will
  • RS-485 (Modbus RTU agreement ) functions (Optional)


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