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Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch

Strong, wide measurement range, flexible for water, oil and gas measurement

Based on thermodynamic principle, FTC04 features 2 temperature sensors inside the probe: one for medium temperature, the other one is heated a few degrees up compared to the medium into which it projects. When the medium flows, the heat generated in the sensor is conducted away by the medium. The difference between these two sensors can be measured to get flow rate. All-metal housing, Suitable for a variety of pipe diameters.

Products Specification

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)

Water : 1 … 200 cm/s
Oil : 3 … 300 cm/s
Gas Flow : 20 … 2000 cm/s

Output Signal
PNP, NPN, Relay

Response time
About 2 secs.

Water, oil and gas which is compatible with stainless steel

Power supply
24 ± 10 % VDC

Mounting bush : G1/2、G1/4、∅12 Probe


Housing : SUS304 ( metal )

Products Features

  • Wide measuring range
  • Measuring many kinds of medium : water, oil, gas
  • Setting point or measuring range programmable
  • PNP/NPN/Relay output selectable
  • Compact design

Products Applications

  • Hydraulic / Lubrication system
  • Pump protection
  • Cooling system
  • Venting systems
  • Water treatment
  • Leak monitoring


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