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Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter Controller【Preliminary】

FTM09 Thermal Gas Mass Flow converter is designed on the basis of thermal dispersion,and adopts the method of constant differential temperature to measuring gas flow. It has advantages of small size, easy installation, high reliability and high accuracy, etc. Excellent nonlinearity correction function, greatly improve the appearance of linearity. Improve the ability of anti-interference and vibration resistance. Strong versatility, can be matched with the vortex sensor, vortex precession, turbine output frequency signal using, the rich self-checking information makes easy maintenance and debugging.

Products Specification

Sensor : PT20 / PT1000 ; PT20 / PT300
Medium : Applicable to various gases such as natural gas, including dust, sand,moisture and other corrosive gases (except acetylene gas)
Accuracy : 1.0% ; 1.5% ; 2.0%
Turndown ratio : 100 : 1
Pipe diameter range : Plug-in type : DN15 … DN4000mm ; Pipe type : DN15 … DN2000mm
Flow range : 10,000m3/h(Ø200 air)
Pressure range :
Plug-in type: medium pressure ≦ 2.5Mpa ;
Pipeline type: medium pressure ≦ 4.0Mpa
Temperature range :0 … 200°C
Transmitter housing material : 316L Stainless steel
Output : 4 … 20mA、RS-485、Pulse;HART
Electrical : Operating voltage:DC24V/1.5A;Operating current:<750 mA
Protection level : IP67

Products Features

  • LED ; RS-485 interface,HART
  • Can measure natural gas or dust, high humidity, various corrosive gases
  • Multiple mode switching : temperature, wind speed, air volume, cumulant, physical output, RS-485 digital, analog output
  • Self-test function for maintenance and commissioning

Products Applications

Compressed air / gas leak detection Natural gas in boiler room or dryer / Carbon dioxide gas in the brewery / Biogas and aeration in sewage treatment plants / Generate gases (such as argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, oxygen)


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