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Industrial Grade High Accuracy Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

IP67 Rugged stainless steel case, fit in variety harsh environment
Easy to install, imported sensing element, high accuracy, long-term stability
Switch multifunction physical quantities:[m/s]、[ft/s]、[Nm3/h]、[Nm/s]、[L/min](Air velocity and volume)
LCD Display of air velocity and temperature

FTM94/95 Hot wire thermal air velocity transmitter working at a constant Temp. using King’s law heat balance equation for:

e2=a’+b’vn e Sensor voltage output(V)
a’: Zero output of constant temperature hot wire anemometer, can be eliminated by circuit
b’: Sensitivity of the sensor, related to the operating temperature
v: Fluid flow rate
n: 0.45 … 0.5(Standard)


Can be calculated from the formula characteristic curve of constant Temp. hot wire anemometer, special double PT probe and full metal housing design, high accuracy, suitable for a variety of pipe diameters, widely used in industrial fields.

Products Specification

Input type:Pt20 / Pt300(Air velocity),Pt1000(Temp.)
Measuring range:0 … 120 Nm/s,N:Working condition(Definition:20°C at 1013 hPa);Units can be converted Nm/s(Flow rate) or Nm3/h(Flow)(Option)
Installation angle effect:<3% of the measured value(When the installation angle<10°)
Output signal:4 … 20 mA / 0 … 10 V / RS-485 / Impulse
Preset output:Out1:Air velocity;Out2:Impulse
Signal connection:3-wire
Linear accuracy:±1.5%
Warm-up time:<60 sec
Reaction time:t90<5 sec
Load resistance:Current output:≦500 Ω;Voltage output:≧10 KΩ
Probe pressure:10 bar
Power supply:DC 24 V±10%
Electrical connections:M12 metal connector / terminal IP67
Fixed seat:1/2″ PT outside thread metal connector
Installation:Duct type / remote type
IP rating:IP67 (Probe);IP65 (Housing)
Material:Housing:Aluminum alloy;Probe:SUS304 or SUS316

Products Applications

Industrial process gas supply / Flow monitoring for consumption and drying / Compressed air consumption measurement / Building / Plant / Clean room / Hospital / Semiconductor / Electronics industry / Paper / Printing / Textile / Steel industry / Food / Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology industry


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