Temperature Probes


Intelligent Central Air-Condition Thermostat

Quick Details

  • Brand Name: llamps
  • Model Number: ILH104
  • Place of Origin: China

Product Specifications

1.General Information

This product is available for the temperature control system, such as the fan coil ofcontrol air-conditioner and heating system,electrical heater, heat pump and so on.

It has very large LCD screen, gauges the indoor temperature with its inside NTC temperature sensor, and compare the date to the set temperature all the time.It also adjusts air quantity of fan and the opening/closing piping electric ball valvein order to maintain the temperature of the room.

2. Technical Data

Working range:15-30℃
Control Precision:±1℃
Temp. Sensing parts:NTC
Rating voltage:90~260VAC 50/60 Hz
Housing Material:Tenacious fire PC engineering plastics
Housing Color:Milky White
Optional functions:Blue background light, remote function

3. Characteristics

LCD screen, blue background light (optional)Fan is controlled by temperature (optional)

Modern and luxury outside design. And the thickness of panel is only 12 mm.

4 kinds of wind speed setting: auto, high, medial and low.

It can be connected to 2-wiring motorized valve(2-port or 3-port), 3-wiring motorizedvalve, solenoid valve and fan valve.

It has infrared remote control interface. And its remote control distance is more than 8m and the controlled angle degree is more than 30.(optional)

Showing precise room temperature and setting temperature on the LCD screen.


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