Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

KPP (Koyo PLC Programming Software)

Koyo PLC Programming Software

  • PLC programmer software for personal computers
  • Familir user-interface
  • Simple programming
  • Three languages (Japanese, English and Chinese)
  • Manualess with full HELP

Products Specification

  • Free download
    KPP supports the SJ Series, DL05 and DL06 Series, DL205 Series,
    PZ Series, DL405  and SU Series, and SS Series.
    This software offers easy programming at no cost.
  • Comfortable programming environment
    You can use ladder, mnemonic, and stage programming.
    You can also use a staged description of the outline of the process and a ladder or mnemonic description of the details.
    This modifications it possible to change or add opperations efficienty.

Information of Model Numbers

Programming software

Model Numbers Overview
KPP Koyo PLC Programming Software



Model Numbers Overview
S-30JG-T Programmer connection cable
Between PLC (D-sub 15-pin) ⇔ For DOS/V
Z-20JP Programmer connection cable (2 m)
S-9CNS1 Conversion connector
DOS/V ⇔ For Z-20JP
S-15CNP1 Conversion connector
D4 series programmer port ⇔ For Z-20JP
S-15HCNP1 Conversion connector
DL06/D2-250-1/D2-260/PZ3 ⇔ For Z-20JP
S-25CNP1 Conversion connector
D4 series lower port, Host link port ⇔ For Z-20JP
S-15CNJ Conversion connector cable
PLC (Modular) ⇔ For S-15JP/S-30JG
S-30JD-T Programmer connection cable
For host link module (3 m) DOS/V




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