Digital tachometer/rpm sensor maget type

RPM processor/tachometer (frequency input). The setup sequence is simple and quick using four push buttons only.

Product Specifications

Specifications Accuracy
Detection method Hall element
Measurement range 1㎐~20㎑(using a 60P/R gear, 1~20,000r/min, with
an output waveform duty cycle 50%±20%)
Detection gear Strong magnetic materials
Gap between detector and gear (modulus 0.5~3, tooth width 3 mm or greater)
Power supply used DC 12V±2V(0.5Vp-p or less ripple)
Current consumption 40mA or less(12V, at 25℃)
Output waveform Lew level;±0.5V rectangular waveform(With no loac)
Output impedance Approx. 330Ω
Output type Floating groung
Protective circuit Power supply polarity and output short protection
Operating temperature range -10℃~+70℃
Storage temperature range -20℃~+80℃
Matching connector 6-pin connector(type R04-PB6F plug)
Allowable vibration double-ended 1.2mm at 30㎐ in X, Y and Z direction
(during-operation) for one hour each
Allowable shock(non-operating) 490m/s2 in X and Y direction each 3 times
Withstand voltage 1. DC250V, 1min.(between shield and signal cable)
2. DC250V, 1min.(between shield and sensor head
Interface indicator DN-30
Weight Approx. 80g(including two mounting nuts)
Accessories Mounting nuts(2)


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