Pressure Transmitter

  • High performance diffuse silicon piezoresistive sensor adopted
  • Used for the pressure measurement for multiple kinds of medium such as gas, liquid, etc.
  • Wide pressure ranges
  • Optional digital display
  • Optional multiple kinds of output signals

Products Specification

Measuring range:-1 … 0 … 0.2 … 1000 bar
Pressure type:Relative pressure / Absolute pressure
Output:4 … 20 mA(12 … 36 V)
Operating Temp.:-20°C … 85°C
Medium Temp.:-20°C … 85°C
Storage Temp.:-40°C … 125°C
Zero Temp. coefficient:±1.5%F.S.(at -20ºC … 85ºC)
Sensitivity Temp. coefficient:±1.5%F.S.(at -20ºC … 85ºC)
Over pressure:150%F.S. … 300%F.S.
Mechanical vibration:20 g(20 … 5000 Hz)
Shock:100 g(11 ms)
Comprehensive accuracy:0.5%
Insulation:100 MΩ / DC 250 V
Response time:≤1 ms(Up to 90%F.S.)
Long-term stability:±0.2%F.S. / Year
EMC surge:(IEC61000-4-5)2 kV
EMC static:(IEC61000-4-2)contact discharge 8 kV, air discharge 15 kV
IP rating:IP65
Material:Low copper aluminum alloy(Housing) / S.S.316L(Diaphragm)
Medium compatibility:All the medium compatible with S.S.316L

Products Application

Industrial field control / Oil field / Heavy industry / Chemical industry / Gas pipe network / Water supply pipe network


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