Piezoresistive Differential Pressure Transmitter

eYc P063’s output signal from Wheatstone bridge on the sensing die has a good linear relationship with differential pressure, so the measured differential pressure could be measured precisely.
The whole product is used for differential pressure measurement of various gases and liquids in pipeline in many fields including petroleum, chemi-industry, power station and hydrology, etc.

Products Specification

Measuring Range
0 … 20 BAR

± 0.5 % of F.S.

4 … 20mA

Sensor Type
Piezoresistive diaphragm

Load Resistance ( current output )
≦ ( power supply – 10V ) / 0.02A Ω

Output Calibration ( ZERO & SPAN )
± 10 % of zero-point and full-scale

Power Supply
10 … 30VDC

Protection Rating
DIN 43650 : IP65
M12 – 4 PIN metal connector : IP67

Product Features

  • Using piezoresistive differential pressure sensor, 316L isolated diaphragm
  • Welding and full-sealed construction, full stainless housing, compact size, easy installation
  • Well overload capacity and shock effect, nicer long-term stability with reasonable price

Products Application

  • Measuring differential pressure for liquid and gas
  • For research and development, laboratory, and processing engineering
  • Mechanical equipment, water plant, air equipment, chiller unit
  • Differential pressure measurement of gases and liquids in pipelines such as petroleum, chemi-industry, power station and hydrology, etc.


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