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Multifunction PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

eYc TGP03, PM2.5 multifunction 4-in-1 air quality monitor, which is specially used to monitor 4 kinds of physical quantities as PM2.5, CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature and humidity.
There are 3 types of excellent sensors in this monitor such as MEMS, NDIR, and Infrared LED.
That is why we have the nicer Long-term stability of measuring and react quickly.
TGP03 is easy to install and featured with compact size and elegant outlook, and also provide programmable software to monitor and record the data via RS-485.

Stealthy Fatal Killer PM2.5 exist in the ambient. It threatens human health  if the value of PM2.5 and CO2 excess the standard 35μg/m3 and 700 PPM.

Products Specification

Measuring range 
Temp.:0 … 50℃
Humidity:0 … 100%RH  ( non-cond. )
CO2:0 … 2000ppm
PM2.5:0 … 500 ㎍/m3

Humidity:± 5 % RH ( at 30 … 80%RH)
CO2:±40 PPM ± 3 % of Reading
PM2.5:± 10 ㎍/m3, ±5% of Reading

Signal output:RS-485

Signal connection

Power supply
AC : 24 ± 10 %;DC : 12 …36V

Protection rating

Products Features

  • 【4-in-1】Real-Time Data of  PM2.5, CO2, temperature & humidity
  • 【Real-time data monitoring】 Quickly monitor and LCD display
  • 【Nicer stability】 NDIR,MEMS , and Infrared LED sensor
  • 【Sensor protected】Anti-condensation and nicer long-term stability
  • 【Operate easy】 Remote monitoring data via Modbus RS-485 digital output
  • 【Install Quickly】Compact size and elegant outlook and easy to install on the wall
  • 【Data logger software】Free programmable software to monitor and record local data via RS-485

Products Applications

  • Indoor air quaility
  • Public and interior place such as restaurant, department store,  museum, library and so on
  • HVAC / Air ventilation system / Library / Green house / Department store / Data station / Storehouse and so on


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