Temperature Controller / SSR / SCR


SCR power regulator

This SCR power regulator is the universal type power regulator developed by Winpark, it uses 32-bit ARM chip as master chip, pulse group control algorithm, highlight digital tube display and litter interference to power grid. It features as easy operation, reliable, wade adaptable and cost-effective.


Input Signal

—Current value:    C030:30A   C050:50A   C070:70A

C090:90A   C110:110A  C150:150A   C175:175A

2:Mode of control: 0:Three-Phase Phase-Shift(without neutral line)

1:Three-Phase Zero-Cross(without neutral line)

2:Three-Phase Phase-Shift(with neutral line)

3:Three-Phase Zero-Cross(with neutral line)

—Fuse: 0:require external fuse     1:standard fuse

—Phase: P1:single-phase   P2:two-phase   P3:three-phase

Products Features

Support several modes of analog input

Support multiple output mode (star, triangle wiring)

Strong anti-interference function and pass 1800V common-mode and differential-mode ground experiment

Input broken alarm and stop-phase detection

Combine trigger mode of pulse and optocouple

Support soft start, current limit and manual percentage output


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