TRD, 5~2000kgf-m

Rotary Torque Sensors

  • Model TRD loadcell measure the torque of continuous rotating object. Platinum coated connector provides long term signal stability and high accuracy.
  • These models are most appropriate for industrial measurement. Applications include the performance testers for automotive components such as clutchs, transmissions, motors and pumps.

Product Specifications

Specifications Accuracy
Rated capacity(R.C)  2 ~ 50kgf-cm  (0.196N-m ~ 4.903N-m)
1 ~ 2000kgf-m (9.807N-m ~ 19.61kN-m)
Rated output(R.O) 1.5mV/V ± 1% (2㎏f-cm ~ 5kgf-m : 1mV/V± 1%)
Nonlinearity 0.3% R.O.
Hysteresis 0.3% R.O.
Reperatability 0.2% R.O.
Excitation recommended 10 V
Terminal resistance 350Ω±5%
Insulation resistance bridge 200㏁
Temperature effect, on rated output 0.2% Load / 10℃
Temperature effect, on zero balance 0.3% R.O / 10℃
Safe overload 120% R.C
Cable length φ7.4core coble 3m


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