Rotary Torque Sensors

Model TRE slipring rotating torque transducers have flange drives at both ends. This model is designed for the application with minmal space and high capacity requirement.

Product Specifications

Specifications Accuracy
Rated capacity 20kgf~500kgf-m (196.1N-m~4.903kN-m)
Rated output 1.5mV/V
Nonlinearity 0.3%
Hysteresis 0.3%
Reperatability 0.3%
Terminal resitance, input 350Ω ± 5%
Terminal resitance, output 350Ω ± 3%
Insulation resistance 300㏁
Temperature range compensated -10~60℃
Temperature range safe -20~70℃
Temperature effect, on zero balance 0.3% R.O / 10℃
Temperature effect, on rated output 0.2% Load / 10℃
Excitation recommended 10V DC
Safe overload 150% R.C
Cable φ7 Shield 3m


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